Lewis Campbell

Lewis Campbell


Zimtor is staffed by a single teacher/director, Lewis Campbell. Lewis attended progressive schools much like Zimtor from preschool through eighth grade and was homeschooled from ninth through twelfth grade. He holds a bachelor's degree in elementary education from the University of Minnesota, where he earned licenses in preschool, kindergarten, and elementary education. He also holds a Montessori primary diploma from the Montessori Training Center of Minnesota. He has worked with young children over a period of more than forty-five years.

Lewis is a widower. He has a twenty-six-year-old daughter Anne whom he homeschooled from sixth through twelfth grade. Anne worked as a translator for a large marketing company in Nagoya, Japan, for many years and is now a full-time homemaker.

Every effort is made to have a second adult in the classroom at all times. This adult is typically a volunteer parent or a student teacher.

As enrollment warrants, a second teacher and classroom will be added.